Employee Surveys

  • Want to find out what your employees are thinking?

  • Concerned about employee engagement?

Protostar provide a wide range of online employee surveys and can easily develop bespoke employee questionnaires, typically within two weeks. Employee satisfaction surveys and stress surveys are followed up by focus groups and a full report including findings, detailed analysis and recommendations.

Employee satisfaction surveys and stress surveys are completed online and use Google or Zoho applications, which makes for a user friendly experience and minimal issues with firewalls. While a full analysis of data will be done for you, it can also be provided as a spreadsheet, to allow you to crunch the data further.

Assistance will be provided with employee survey communications, kick off sessions, selection of respondents, and design of questions for your staff survey. Following an employee satisfaction survey, employee focus groups will typically be run face to face however they can be done by webinar if you have a remote workforce.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement surveys

Our standard employee satisfaction/engagement survey contains 53 statements that can be answered from Strongly Agree through to Strongly Disagree.

After reading a tailored introduction, typically from the client’s senior director, respondents will rate each statement and input free text comments at the end of each topic section.

The employee satisfaction topics covered are;

  • Leadership and management
  • Team spirit
  • Conditions
  • Benefits
  • Development
  • Wellbeing

Employee satisfaction surveys can be tailored to your needs. They are anonymous and responses are not edited unless clearly defamatory.

Once an analysis of the staff survey has been completed, an experienced Protostar consultant will hold a series of focus groups with a representative sample of employees, in order to better understand and justify specific employee survey findings.

There is slight difference with our employee engagement survey which also looks at how employees associate themselves with your brand.

The employee survey findings, charts and recommendations are compiled in to a report and presented to senior leaders for discussion and action planning.

Price includes tailored employee satisfaction or employee engagement questions, one day of focus groups and full report/presentation.

Download our sample surveys from the side bar and
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Wellbeing and Stress Survey

Our standard stress survey has 57 statements covering a wide range of wellbeing and stress related factors.

This employee wellbeing survey is typically carried out to assess whether your organisation is at risk of expensive stress claims, or to help create an environment that takes wellbeing as a significant positive factor.

Often used in conjunction with our stress management training or wellbeing programmes, but can be done as a standalone activity.

As with all of our employee surveys, we follow up with focus groups using a representative sample of employees and prepare a thorough report with recommendations.

Internal data, such as absence and attrition metrics, would also be incorporated.

Employee stress surveys are often avoided by employers who are concerned about possible findings however this concern is nothing compared to the possible financial and PR consequences of a successful claim. In the UK, the highest payout for workplace stress was £1million.

Running an employee stress survey is a proactive step that both allows you to address workplace stress and to mitigate any penalty.

Click on the side bar for an abridged sample stress questionnaire showing a selection of questions.

Employee stress surveys can be tailored to your needs, including full branding and message from your senior management.

Price includes tailored questions, one day of focus groups and full report.

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Bespoke Employee Questionnaires

Bespoke Employee Questionnaires

Our online questionnaire tools and developers, are very flexible and can typically have a completely bespoke questionnaire designed and tested within 2 weeks.

Clients benefit from having a 3rd party design and run the process, as independence and anonymity are often seen as a key issue by employees.

Typical requests are for;

  • Review of training, conference or similar initiative
  • Polling of views to identify required changes to organisation
  • Exit interviews
  • Review of major recruitment campaign
  • Systems review i.e. what do you like, dislike about this system?
  • Employee skills analysis e.g. how many employees speak other languages
  • IIP assessment
  • Times 100 assessment

However our experienced developers can advise on how to design a questionnaire on any business topic.

Price includes, design advice, bespoke questions, one day of focus groups plus full report.

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What if you have more than 1000 employees?

No problem, it just means that there would need to be more than one day of focus groups in order to have a representative sample. Tell us how many employees you want to survey and their geographic spread and we will send you a proposal.

Are your employees spread all over the world?

As long as they have access to the internet and speak good business English, then completing the questionnaire is not an issue. Running focus groups can be more challenging however it might be possible to run a number via teleconference, to ensure that the focus is not simply on those located locally.

How do we do employee surveys for such a low price?

The real question is why do most organisations charge 3x what we do! However, as experts in lean processes, we live by our own teachings. We have very low overheads, off shore developers and we use a Google or Zoho applications platforms that require minimal investment. These savings are passed to you.  

Completing an employee engagement survey or employee satisfaction survey could not be simpler than letting us do the work for you.